4 Top places to visit in Malaysia


I believe that traveling through Malaysia (especially taking a long time on a backpacking trip) is among the least appreciate things you can do within the area. Malaysia is visit often, but not as often as other places in Southeast Asia.

4 Top places to visit in Malaysia:

Fort Cornwallis, Penang, Malaysia

The Penangites define the form of Penang as the shape of a tortoise. Fort Cornwallis is situate on the right hand of the tortoise. It is here that the founding father of Penang, Francis, first arrived on the island in the 18th century. Step, and near the entrance to the bunker.

From here, you can see the ocean in the northern region of Penang and oversee the activities of the eastern shoreline. In the past, since the 17th century, this area was a central fortress of the military. A fascinating thing about The bunker park is the cannon dubb “Seri Rambai,” which was gift to Sultan Johor through the Dutch in the past. The Sultan was hoping to use this to please him to go to Malacca via the bridge.

However, the Sultan was not impressed, and the Dutch took it down later. It is the first cannon that has never fired, so it is considered an indication of the trueness of the family of royals. In contrast to other barrels that are rusted that are in use, this one is constantly shining with bronze in the endless harbor, like the perpetual guard of Penang. Tourists flock to Penang due to this.

The museum is filled with the collection and is among the most effective places to find out Penang and Malaysia. It was built in the 19th century; it was initially an elementary school. The museum exhibits three main ethnic groups of Penang and the migration history and living traces and traditions from the Burmese and Javanese.

The first floor is devote to the lifestyle of the ordinary citizens, while the section located on the 2nd floor is on the war’s history. For instance, the Sikhs who to Penang from India and Bangladesh at the time were most police or soldiers, and their journey to Penang can be seen in this. The Sikhs are classified as a distinct race in Penang. Know everything about Delta Flight Cancellation before booking a flight to Malaysia.

Kek Lok Temple Snake Temple, Malaysia

Kek Lok Si is the largest Chinese Buddhist temple in Malaysia and is among the most beautiful Buddhist shrines in Southeast Asia. It was first construct during the late 19th century and was buil through the Abbot of Gushan, Fujian, the abbot of Guanyin Pavilion. A crane was why I decided to make the Buddhist temple in this area.

Since the time, it has gone through numerous generations of construction and expansion, and its current size isn’t comparable anymore. The most famous building within this temple is its white Ten Thousand Buddhas pagoda. It comprises seven levels, and it has the Chinese Babao-shaped lower layer, the Thai-style circular structure within the middle, and the Burmese-style spiral pagoda at the top. The tower houses more than 1,000 gilded cloud formations.

Buddha statues, showing different poses. When many tourists visit the temple, they are sure to go to the four-story hall. The crystal lamps that hang from the ceiling are elegant. There are three gods in the lobby and various more minor and significant idols—a solemn and sad atmosphere.

The primary purpose of The Snake Temple is not to create a snake-themed temple. It is a temple of a faith-based person who has been cure of illnesses. It was construct during the late 19th century to honor the Fujian ancestor. Qingshui (the Black-faced God). The main entrance is inscribe using the symbols of Qingyunyan.

It is believe that on the occasion of the birthday celebration of Patriarch Qingshui, the pit vipers of turquoise were see here, and aside from the green dragon, there were no other snakes. When eggs are give to the serpents, their name The Snake Temple does not go out, but it changes to the temple’s name.

Jamek Mosque, Merdeka Stadium, Kuala Lumpur

Merdeka Stadium and the structure adjacent to it is its National Stadium. The year 1957 was when the father of the nation of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman, declared the country’s independence. Merdeka refers to liberty and freedom in Malay, and this stadium is also call Independence Stadium, which can hold 50,000 people.

Because it is in the center of the city and before the new stadium was construct, it was the biggest stadium in Malaysia that hosted numerous celebrations, ball games and concert events. The ceremony in which the acting Sultan of the Queen hand over power to the former Premier Minister Malaysia was hold in the stadium.

Many well-known musicians are also performing in this venue. The stadium was purchase by a private firm and converted into a mall. It is now plan to make this location a national heritage property for the nation of Malaysia. Reserve.

The Islamic Art Museum is located in front of the National Mosque, and its style is highly Islamic. The entire building is construct from the blue tiles on entry to the dome roof located at the front entrance. The museum’s Muslim collections from around the globe are frequently display, and the display is rotate every three months.

Different collections are display on every floor according to categories such as carpets, coins, furniture, clothing, jewelry, and much more. The Museum of Islamic Art circulation is exceptionally smooth, and the bright and spacious floors are pleasant to walk through.

There’s a library, a gift department and cafes, including the restaurant, which is decorate in Islamic colors, with many blue and silver tones that make people feel like being within an Islamic world.

Kuala Lumpur National Mosque

The National Mosque, built-in 1965, is the biggest in Kuala Lumpur and can accommodate approximately 20,000 people during prayers. The architecture of the mosque is unique and modern. The most notable feature is the 18 sharp corners carve into the roof.

They represent the 13 States that comprise Malaysia and the five commands of Islam and the minaret, which has a height of 73 meters adjacent to the hall. It is also the tower of an old mosque. Apart from its exterior, Islamic designs and texts on the walls transform into a unique decoration that is also refreshing.

In the five hours of prayer of Islam, the best thing to do is not go into the mosque to avoid being disturb. When entering the mosque outside of these hours, women must cover their hair, arms and feet in robes and only expose their faces. To enter the main area, girls need to remove their shoes.

The National Palace is where the head of Malaysia’s state, Malaysia is. These 13 states are part of Malaysia, each with a sultan governs. Other than Penang, Malacca, Sabah and Sarawak, where there isn’t a sultan, each state does not have a Sultan. Sultans alternate as head of state for Malaysia. The tenure of every head of state lasts five years. In this time, the chosen Sultan will reside in this palace.

National Monument National Monument is located in Kuala Lumpur Lakeside Park. It is construct in 1966 and stood at an elevation of 15.54 meters. It is develope by the same French artist Flex de Weldon. Who also designed The Washington Monument in the United States and then sculpted in Italy. Soldiers who stood up for liberty show their commitment to patriotism and protecting their country. That is, to remember those who were martyred in the three times of the Communist revolt.

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