5 Health Supplements You Should Take, Including CBD


When it comes to health supplements – how do you know what is for you? Well, there are a lot of things that our bodies need, that many of us just don’t get from our daily diets.

That leads to questions like: “should I be taking supplements, if so, what is right for me?” And, we hit the internet to find CBD experiences and reviews like the “how much iron do I need?” “Does CBD oil effect vitamin intake?”. Information is key.

We are lucky in so many ways; millions of us have access to many different types of food. We can eat what we like when we like – but is that too much choice? Follow that with the speed in which most vegetables, fruit, and meat is produced and hitting the shelves. Suddenly you’ll find those carrots aren’t entirely as organic and good for you as you had hoped. Surrounded by toxins in our personal care items, household cleaning products, and more. Compound all of that with high-stress fast living, and you have a recipe for a less than healthy body and mind.

There are, however, a few supplements that everyone will benefit from:

  • CBD capsules
  • Multivitamin
  • Vitamin D
  • Probiotics
  • Omega 3


We just don’t have enough of the good stuff in our diet to compensate.


CBD has been found to support your body’s natural endocannabinoid systems. This system is in charge of keeping everything in balance. And a daily CBD capsule or tincture can help with a range of things:

  • Reduce acne and skin inflammation
  • Help you get a better night’s sleep
  • Reduce depression symptoms by working with the body’s own serotonin receptors
  • Easing anxiety
  • Blood pressure
  • Painkilling properties

If you are ambitious or are just really focused on the quality of your CBD oil you could try growing your own plants and extracting that way. It’s obviously a bigger undertaking but you can guarantee the quality. Sourcing a seed bank that ships to the US can be a pain Fullspectrum have put together a handy guide to the best seed banks that will ship to the USA.


Even if you are eating perfectly well every day, getting plenty of sunlight, and even adding extra fruit and vegetables to your diet – there simply isn’t enough. You are looking for a high-potency multivitamin that covers everything your body needs. And while you might not like the idea of it, there are some slight differences between the content of a vitamin for a man and a woman:

According to the Institute of Medicine, men and women have the same basic requirements for calcium and vitamins D, E, and B12. (Pregnant and breastfeeding women may need more specific nutrients like folic acid, for example.) Men need a little more vitamin C than women (90 mg. each day versus 75 mg), and premenopausal women need more iron (18 mg. versus 8 mg.). For postmenopausal women, the iron quota is the same as for men.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D can be made in our own bodies when we are exposed to the sunlight, which is great. It is then converted into hormones in our bodies – again excellent. The problem is none of spent enough time outside, combine that with the fact that over 50,000 chemical reactions in the body need the right amount of Vit D, and you can see where the problems begin. Research shows that somewhere around 3 million in the US alone are deficient in Vit d – of course, the true rates are even higher. It is now recommended that parents also give their children vitamin D supplements – so it isn’t just an issue as you get older. You can take a vitamin D supplement that has around 5,000 IU or less every day to get your levels right. Over time you will begin to see the impact.


Gut health is a serious thing. There is a whole host of various ecosystems in the body, and each of them needs to be cared for in the best way. 80% of the immune system is in your gut, and 95% of your serotonin (for mood regulation) is produced in the gut. So if there is an imbalance – and there often is – it can cause all sorts of issues. A probiotic and a CBD capsule each day could go some way to helping level out their mood levels.

Taking a probiotic every day will keep those microbiomes in balance. From that, you should see a decrease in digestive discomfort, better toilet habits, and feel slightly better overall.

Omega 3

For years now, the benefits of Omega 3 have been discussed. Much like CBD can help with inflammation (which is a key source of pain) and help look after your heart too. Omega 3 is highly concentrated in the brain, so Omega 3 is essential to look after things like behavior, cognition, and memory.

You should be careful about the source of your omega-3 supplements, though because they are a fish extract (in most cases), they may contain mercury levels – so check them before you just grab the cheapest option.

So there you have it, some health supplements that will make a difference in your life.





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