A Cheat Sheet on Composite Bonding


Only cosmetic dental issues make you conscious about your look in the public. Here we address certain cosmetic issues like misshapen, cracked, chipped and discoloured teeth. By undergoing composite bonding you can cope up with all of these problems at a time.

It also closes the gaps within the teeth like braces. Here, in this blog we entails all the necessary details on composite bonding to let you know if this is ideal option for you or not. So, read this blog to know! 

What do you mean by composite bonding and how it performs?

Tooth restoration and repair is easy with application of composite resin’s thin layers. It is perfect for the patients suffering from any of the following problems:

  • Decay
  • Chips, cracks and fractures
  • Discolouration- brown and white specks and marks on the surfaces of the teeth
  • Spaces and gaps
  • Shaping issues
  • Prevention and protection- surface of the root becomes visible

Reason behind the popularity of the composite teeth bonding

People incline to cosmetic procedure as it minimises dental damage giving fast results. As per the name, the dentist will apply composite resin on the teeth and sculpt, smooth and polish it out. This means, they conduct the process with diligence and extremely precision offering natural and subtle result

Over time, it has become an art in dentistry industry. Modern practices and techniques make the mimicking of enamel characteristics possible and authentic. People amaze with the obtained result as it is so subtle that even transformative changes are hard to find., Also you can restore multiple teeth in a single session is another biggest advantage of bonding.   

Your expectation on composite bonding

At first the dentist will ask about your wish for transformation of the smile. Totally, the process will get over within an hour providing appealing smile to the patients.

Here are various phases of the treatment process that follow a dentist:

  • Selection of matching tooth shade- The dentist will select the bonding material matches your natural tooth colour perfectly.
  • Cleaning- The teeth will clean thoroughly prior to apply the bonding agent. Even the surface will roughen up for better result and cohesion of the material after application.
  • Bonding- It comprises of paste-like texture that shapes the teeth using highest level of dexterity and precision.
  • Composite setting- A UV light is being in use for a minute for hardening the material ensuring its fixation in the right place. In the end you can get back to normal mouth activity without any discomfort.
  • Final tweaks- Minor adjustments will carry out by the dentist like shaping, trimming, polishing and layering
  • The result of alluring smile- Now, you can leave the clinic having a major smile transformation. It doesn’t require any post-treatment aftercare anymore. However, you have to visit the dentist for routine check up. Only this can keep the smile beautiful and healthy.

Benefits of bonding over veneers

Porcelain veneers and composite bonding are often compared for treating the same dental problems. Veneer is highly durable in contrast to composite bonding. Even they are resistance to stain remaining stain-free and blemish in the long run. However, over time composite bonding becomes famous due to following reasons:

  • Affordability- It is more affordable than porcelain veneers
  • Little-to-no need of preparation- Usually in a one or two appointment you can prepare for veneer and that too at an interval of a week. But you can composite bonding in just single dental visit.
  • It preserves the tooth- During preparing for veneers it involves removal of enamel to some extent for accommodating the veneer. However, there is no such issue with composite bonding.
  • Highly durable- Although veneers last for long 10 years in the row yet bonding lasts for 5 years in the long run as well.

Custom treatment solution for you

Every cosmetic dental solution is custom-made to suit your smile in its best possible way. Reserve your slot today to get cheap composite bonding in London.

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