About purchasing tickets for the Wellbeing Jungle Gym of Toto


To buy tickets with power, members. Present your properly completed bet slip to us, our nominated retailer or terminal, or tell us, your nominated retailer or terminal, to select a stack of numbers. Paying expected bets for connected draws. At TOTO 메이저놀이터, you will get a worthy ticket for the relevant lottery.

Clear explanation

A bet slip is not a ticket. We do not allow this for award guarantees. At the power supply, the Member’sMember’s ticket is printed from the terminal and recorded next to come. An arrangement of numbers selected by the MemberMember (including when presenting a completed bet slip). Draw the date and draw the number. A bet made on a bet slip properly completed by the MemberMember. Authorized retail store or branch number. Ticket ID number and standard tag.

If the ticket is for a unique attraction where an amazing prize is offered, an exceptional draw number (observing that such exceptional draws are only partially determined at our discretion). ). Members of TOTO 메이저놀이터 game are responsible for carefully reviewing wager slips before placing wagers. The Organization may not allow members to cancel their bets after placing them. In no event shall the Agency bear any risk for omissions, fraud or errors concerning tickets not disclosed by the MemberMember at the time of issuance.

Prize Guarantee

Prizes paid by the Organization for tickets can be claimed by referral of winning tickets during normal business hours.

About delivery at the affiliated office

Please introduce the Organization to any business operator to pay the amount restricted by the Organization. At that time, you may be asked to present a document that proves your personality, such as an ID card. Suppose the number of prizes guaranteed exceeds the amount we determined. In that case, we will provide the claimant with a ticket for the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe during normal business hours at the immigration office or a properly completed ticket available from us. Please show us your warranty.

Unless the Arc de Triomphe is introduced, no individual holds the right to guarantee any winnings paid in connection with the Arc de Triomphe.

No Arc de Triomphe will be paid unless the Arc de Triomphe meets Regulation 4.1.

We will forfeit any winnings that are not claimed within 180 days of the date of the effective draw.

The Organization maintains arrangements for paying prize money to the owners of the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. Lottery tickets are conveyed on a conveyor belt, and JST is not obligated to verify the authenticity of the lottery ticket owner. We will definitively determine liability for winning tickets.

To eliminate any uncertainty, without prejudice to the agreement in Article 8, Paragraph 6 of the TOTO Gaming Standards (General), the Organization, its staff, employees, representatives and experts agree that any party shall have no liability whatsoever for any particular guarantee of the choice of the introduction of a winning ticket.

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