Benefits Of Physical Activity


According to doctors, regular physical exercise is essential to stay in shape and at the right weight. But, apart from the more aesthetic problems, physical activity has many benefits.

Physical activity is necessary in your day to day life and excuses are not helpful here because with physical activity it doesn’t mean having to go for a run or play football. Here are three tips for reaping the benefits of physical activity in 메이저놀이터추천.

How to start reaping the benefits of physical activity

  • Say goodbye to the elevator: Use the stairs both to go down and to go up, even if it seems insignificant, it will help you to speed up your metabolism and therefore burn more fat.
  • A moment on foot and another on foot: If you don’t have time to go running, swimming or cycling, that’s no problem. With the simple fact of getting to the places on foot instead of using transport, you can manage to carry out the necessary daily activity.
  • Say no to appliances: If you have to clean up and want to enjoy it, forget the vacuum cleaner or the rumba. If you do the cleaning with the broom and the mop, you put almost your whole body in motion and therefore you train physically. It sounds silly, but it all adds up and helps reap the benefits of physical activity.

Apart from these small changes in your life, it is also advisable to play sports. To be considered a physical activity, it must be practiced for at least 20 minutes in a row, two or three times a week, and with sufficient intensity. That’s why doctors advise finding a sport that appeals to us and practicing it frequently. This way we will stay healthy and active, and we can benefit from physical activity.

The benefits of physical activity; Biological zone

  • Reduces blood pressure, helping to control hypertension.
  • Increases the secretion of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), reducing cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • Induce a decrease in triglyceride levels.
  • Decreases insulin production, helping to control type 2 diabetes.
  • Increase in lung capacity.
  • Control of cardiovascular risk factors (hypercholesterolemia, arterial hypertension, etc.)
  • Increased strength and muscle mass.
  • Increase in aerobic capacity.
  • Reduction of fat mass.
  • Improves the psychological balance of the person inducing a state of personal satisfaction and the control of anxiety and stress.

As we have seen, physical exercise is something that gives us infinite benefits. These exercises can help us prevent disease, stress or make us feel better about ourselves.

The benefits of physical activity; Psychological domain

But the benefits of physical activity are not only based on physical and biological factors, it also brings us benefits in other areas. How, for example, in the psychological realm, we find endless benefits of physical activity.

  1. Improves Mood
  2. Provides a feeling of well-being and pleasure
  3. Increases Pain Tolerance
  4. Increase self-esteem and confidence
  5. Improve your own body image
  6. Decreased drug use
  7. Reduces anxiety and depression, since exercise is associated with the release of endorphins (substances secreted in the body by our nervous system when performing physical activity).
  8. Allows a better quality of sleep
  9. Increases intellectual performance (improves cognitive processes)
  10. Improves sexual and emotional life

Benefits of physical activity; Social scope

Undoubtedly, physical activity also brings benefits in the social sphere. For example, simply by practicing a collective sport you already create a bond with your teammates. But not just in team sports, almost any sport can signify a point of union with another person. That is why we leave you below a list of the benefits of physical activity in the social field.

  • Promotes sociability, meeting other people
  • It promotes new relationships, new friends
  • Promotes conversation, cultural exchange and ideas
  • Decreases feelings of loneliness
  • It promotes a sense of belonging

After seeing all the benefits of physical activity by areas or areas, we were able to verify that physical activity is basic. But for people who already exercise regularly, there are also ways to work towards a specific goal.

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