Crystal Salt Lamps & Dry Salt Therapy.


Salt lamps are the huge lumps of salt that are hand mined from the mountains near foothills of Himalayas. Huge salt Lumps are Mined and then beautifully crafted to have our desired shape. It is very important to b note that any shape or size can be produced from these rock lumps. Salt Lamps wholesale are different in shapes like swan, skull, and football, flower, rose, melon, heart, and pyramid and also have a variety in sizes. We can produce from `1 – 50 lamp easily and also above on customer demand.

Wholesale Himalayan salt lamps after lighting them emit a beautiful radish color that is due to the presence of 84 minerals in it. This color may vary from stone to stone. With the variation of stone from the mine the color of light emit from the Salt lamp also changes. Mostly the bulb that we used to lit it up is yellow of white but when we have a glance this yellow or white bulb after having relevance of Himalayan Rock Salt gives a very enchanting lights.

Crystal Salt Lamps and how they works?

Demand of pure Himalayan salt lamps is increasing day by day due to numerous benefits and advantages of it. Salt lamps wholesale have plentiful benefits from curing asthma to detoxing and illumine our rooms with its beautiful unique relatively dim amber light. Bulk Himalayan salt lamps are very beautiful and elegant addition to our livings. This is the unique property of lighting it up in our rooms, offices and livings that it not just gives its beautiful light but also give us a long list of advantages as it acts like a detoxifying and purifying agents.

When we lit a Pure Himalayan salt Lamp, it release negative ions in to the air. Our air have positive ions in it. That are very harmful to us these emitted negative ions cancel the charge of existing positive ions and provide a pollution free atmosphere. In the presence of salt Lamps in a room or work place we feel easy and calm to breath in a healthy air. Himalayan salt lamps wholesale have the capacity to absorb un pleasant fragrances too.

 Dry Salt Therapy and crystal Salt Lamps.

Dry salt therapy is the one part of Heliotherapy in which we breathe in salty air. Latest researches approved Dry salt therapy benefits normally this treatment is refereed to manmade salt caves. Enough salt provided in the caves air by physiotherapist. That a patient inhale and exhale this procedure gives calm to its brain and sooth the sore muscles. Dry salt therapy through salt lamps provides relief from

Different types of allergies.
Chronic bronchitis.
Ease the symptoms that caused by smoking.
Treat depression and the cause of anxiety.
Soothe the sore muscles.
Helps in proper breathing and avoid shortness of breathing.

How it works?

Lets’ discuss how crystal Salt lamp Wholesale works to provide us all above mention advantages. Salt lamps are complete up of Pure Himalayan salt and salt have a very compact structure it get ionize when we heat it up. In the same way when we lit out Salt Lamps wholesale after a specific time period after getting enough energy it start ionization. During the procedure of ionization it release negative ions in the air. And with this process Pure Rock Himalayan salt lamps clean our atmosphere for smooth breathing pattern.

Use of electromagnetic devices is the trend and also need of the time. So We can even imagine our lives without a cell phone, laptop, Wi-Fi device, electric heather, inverters etc. All these things are now necessary to balance the cycle of life. As far as there advantages concern these things are also source of polluting our air. And causing serious issues to our nature and health like asthma, depression, anxiety, headache, migraine and many skin problems too. All these devices release positive ions to the air that are harmful to inhale and it is very dangerous to breath in such toxic atmosphere. Salt lamp wholesale after lighting up and heating up release negative ions with the ionization procedure and cancel the charge of these protons and gives us soothing and relaxing atmosphere to breathe.

how Pure Himalayan salt lamps work?

Indoor air pollution is comes in the top listed issues that caused high health risks. This bad air quality of air can lead us to serious health issues especially for the little children. In this regard we again can say that Himalayan salt lamps wholesale is the best product to purify the air. It absorbs all the dust and germs from the air. Salt acts like a great purifier. We can clearly examine the difference in atmosphere of the two rooms, one with Salt Lamp presence and other without Wholesale Himalayan crystal salt lamps. Actually, it is the scientifically proven that chlorides have the capacity to absorb toxins and pollute particles from the air. And as we are well aware Rock Salt Lamps are made up of Himalayan salt. And sodium and chloride are the basic ingredients in it.

Wholesale Himalayan Salt lamps and dry Salt therapy with the help of these magical gifts blessed by nature is the complete soothing therapy to have a blessed and pure life.

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