Does releasing sperm affect muscle growth?


Do you think you can enhance your muscle growth by masturbating? If so, then just remember that this is a myth. An individual may consider this activity as healthy for the overall health. But, one must note that regular masturbation may make the person weak. Eventually, the male’s sexual tendency arises with this sort of regular practice. However, you may consult the doctors of Pasricha Hospital Gurgaon for this purpose. 

So, the readers may understand the impact of sperm’s release through this article. Ultimately, one can know the workout plans’ relevance along with masturbation. 

Can releasing sperm impact muscle growth?

Well, many people believe that masturbation can become a hindrance to muscle growth. But, you should know that releasing sperm concerning muscle growth is just a myth. Mostly, an individual won’t experience any adverse impact on physical exercises by this. Furthermore, an individual must note that releasing sperm doesn’t affect muscle growth.

Following that, one’s testosterone hormone won’t be impacted in any way in this process. However, many health experts consider masturbation as a healthy activity for the body. So, a male can practice the same for at least twice a week. 

What are the benefits of releasing sperm?

Truly, there are immense benefits of masturbation on a male’s health. One can remain happy by releasing sperm for some time in a week. Eventually, an individual can enhance their life expectancy rate as well. 

So, the other benefits of releasing sperms include the following:

Effect on testosterone

The male’s masturbation won’t have a major effect on the testosterone level. But, one may be benefitted from his workout performance through this. Still, you may not find any evidence supporting this thought.

Improving health

An individual by carrying out this sexual activity aims to improve his overall health unknowingly. Following that, the male can maintain his self-esteem and body image. Furthermore, the person can normalize his sleep cycle by undertaking this activity. Mainly, one may reduce his stress by releasing the sperms. 

Escape Heart Attack

Did you become a victim of a heart attack in the past years? If so, then note that you can increase your survival rates by masturbating. However, many individuals believe that sexual activity can trigger your blood pressure. Therefore, one can limit this activity for helping oneself. 

Effecting Mood

Most importantly, one may release dopamine and oxytocin during sexual activity. An individual’s motivation comes from releasing the sperms. Even, he may concentrate more on his workout by undertaking this. So, one’s complete mental aspect can influence by enhancing masturbation.  

Therefore, an individual can be benefitted in multiple ways by releasing his sperm. But, the person’s releasing sperm concerning muscle growth has its relevance in workout plans. However, one mustn’t exceed this activity because of the potential heart risks that it carries.

What are the side effects of masturbation?

Normally, one shouldn’t doubt the safety perspective concerning masturbation. The male won’t have any potential effect by carrying out this activity. Following that, an individual can’t relate any direct impact on physical fitness with masturbation. But, a male can have positive results by participating in sports competitions after having a sexual encounter.

However, one’s continuous masturbation can have certain considerate side effects. So, these side effects include the following:

  • The skin near the genitals can turn over sensitive with excessive masturbation. Moreover, one may end up having tender skin in that area.
  • Fatigue.
  • Males may experience edema of the penis.
  • Their sensitivity can decrease gradually in the process of sperm release. 

Therefore, males may undergo serious side effects by doing masturbation frequently. So, one may divert his mind to other productive activities to avoid the miss happening. 

Can you stop the urge to masturbate frequently?

Most importantly, an individual can control his urge to masturbate frequently by staying calm. He can develop a positive attitude towards life by staying engaged in his work environment. In doing so, one may manage his sexual desire for some time. Ultimately, one shouldn’t rely on releasing sperm concerning muscle growth too.

There are multiple ways to manage the urge of masturbating often. These ways include the following:

Stay active

The males can stay active by keeping aside the thought of releasing sperm. One may find numerous ways of spending their time in recreational activities. Even, you can plan a small trip with your family to relax your mind. Following that, one may dine out with close ones for experiencing a change. Therefore, an individual can escape the thought of masturbating with these changes.


You should know that exercise can lower your tension by calming your mind. Simultaneously, one can take part in swimming, running, and cycling for staying fit. Moreover, a male can strengthen his body’s functioning by exercising regularly. Furthermore, an individual may not rely on masturbation after following a healthy lifestyle.

Avoid pornography

The males may avoid their exposure to pornography for ignoring a rise in sexual desire. Most importantly, an individual can watch a movie for a change. Following that, he can spend his time focusing on sports channels as well. So, one should stay away from anything that can trigger their sexual feelings. 

Spending time with a close one

Are you a workaholic soul? If yes, then find some time for your family friends. You can go for surprise visits to your relative’s home to cheer them up. Also, one may play indoor and outdoor games with them for maintaining a healthy mind. Eventually, an individual may also go for long drives to a peaceful place at times.

So, one must act maturely to have a break from masturbation. Eventually, one can skip the thought of releasing sperm concerning muscle growth with this.


People must believe that releasing sperms won’t affect muscle growth in any way. Still, a male should focus on his workout schedule for improving his entire health. Following that, one may also consult the doctors of Pasricha Hospital for this purpose. 

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