Enjoy Your Trip to Sapanca & Masukiye of Istanbul


Get a chance to enjoy the beauty of Istanbul. Yes, plan a 14 hour day trip to Lake Sapanca and the village of Masukiye in the Gulf of Izmit. The canopy of trees will attract you to enjoy a relaxed lunch and also you can climb the car tape mountain.

The beauty and authenticity of this place cannot be described in words. It is the best place to spend your weekend and make it more amazing and memorable as well. If you are travelling to Istanbul then add one more day to the trip and enjoy the beauty of the nature by visiting these two amazing places. The landscape beauty of both the places attracts the visitor’s amusingly. Additionally, the waterfall will make you feel like not to go anywhere and spend your whole life at this beautiful place.

Best trip at an affordable cost

The best part about ومعشوقية صبنجة (thissapanca & masukiye) trip is that it will not cost you much and also you will not feel dissatisfied with the trip. If you are having only one day and want to spend it in peace then also you can consider this place in Istanbul.

The hotels located at this place will also help you out in enjoying the beauty. If you want someone to help you in enjoying the sapanca & masukiye tour then you are suggested to hire the guide you can also speak Arabic. If you want to enjoy the locality and the beauty of the nature at this place it is important for you to know the Arabic language. Most of the people in that area speak the Arabic language and it is important for you to understand it so that you can make a trip more amazing and easy as well.

120 km drive from Istanbul

After reaching the place, you can join the group. In order to reach masukiye from Istanbul you need to drive for around 120 km. Bus ok is famous for the nature and the green forest. After spending some free time in masukiye you can go for the optional ATV rides for zipline. In order to who discovered the green nature of the masukiye the ATV ride is the best possible method available. If you visit the place between March to November then you will also be able to enjoy the Ormania Natural Habitat Park and Zoo. In case you visit the place in winter season then it will be replaced by the Kartepe Snow Resort. There you can enjoy the snow games. In the Sapanca Lake you can spend some quality time at the coast. Usually the traffic on the way of Sapanca Lake is quite high.

Highlights of Sapanca & Masukiye of Istanbul        

The best and major highlights of your visit to Sapanca & Masukiye of Istanbul include the following:

  • Sapanca Lake
  • Masukiye (Optional ATV and Optional Zip Line Activities)
  • Ormania Zoo Park (except December, January, February)
  • Kartepe Snow Resort (Visiting winter season between December to February)
  • Palladium Shopping Mall (Depending on the traffic on the way back)

Hence, these are all the essential details about the trip to Sapanca & Masukiye of Istanbul. If you are planning to spend your day while loving the beauty of the nature then this is the best place to visit. If you are planning your trip in winters and you love the snow then also you can consider this place without having any sort of doubts. At the snow resort you will definitely love the snow games available. Additional e you can do shopping there by visiting the palladium shopping mall.


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