Game theory at major site TOTO poker


The rise of online poker has created a gap between the old-school players Toto 메이저사이트, who made their careers playing live poker at casinos, and the new-school players who learned the game on the Internet.

New online players were considered “math” players who strictly judged probabilities and odds instead of the old-school emphasis on “playing the player.” They tend to be younger, with Norwegian Annette Obrestad playing online at 15 under her screen name “Annette_15”. But they were also experienced.

Game theory studies situations in which the choices of others determine the best choice (or “strategy”) among alternatives. But this interdependent choice is common in real-world games (hence the term “game theory”). For example, in a soccer penalty shot, the goalkeeper can choose to shoot left, right, or in the center of the goal, depending on the direction of the jump. The same is often the case in economics. For example, when a company decides to price its product, it may want to set the price slightly below that of its competitors.


Does game theory analyze such situations with the concept of a Nash equilibrium, named after Nobel Prize winner John Nash (remember the movie A Beautiful Mind starring Russell Crowe as Nash)? Will do. A Nash equilibrium is a stable situation in which all participants make the best choice in the presence of rival choices. For example, in TOTO’s merger model 메이저사이트, which competition regulators use, the Nash equilibrium means that all companies choose the price that maximizes their profits given the prices chosen by other companies. Today, game theory and the Nash equilibrium are the cornerstones of how economists think about interdependent choices and underpin modern microeconomics.

Poker is a natural fit for game theory because the choice of when and how much to bet depends on your hand and your opponent’s hand and how you use that hand. Nash’s predecessor, von Neumann, attempted to apply game theory to poker in 1944.

But for the next 60 years, game theory was ignored by poker players. They had some knowledge of the odds and probabilities but relied on rules of thumb based on practical experience. Strong players were characterized by good poker “sense” and familiarity with intangibles such as table talk, body language and psychology. As James Bond said in the 2006 film 007: Casino Royale””In poker, you don’t use your hand; you play against your opponent” Workroom

In 2003, accountant Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event in Las Vegas, earning $2.5 million in prize money. Moneymaker’s victory captured the public imagination and helped market poker as a spectator sport (he qualified with a $39 wager for an online poker tournament, rather than the usual $10,000 entry fee). Got).

A hole card camera is a small camera placed under the poker table that allows players to see face-down cards. In 2007, poker was the third most-played sport in the United States. WSOP attendance rose from 839 in 2003 to 8,773 in 2006, about the same as today (8,569 in 2019).

Internet poker began in the late 1990s and has experienced a similar boom. Leading online sports betting brands have diversified into poker, with the most popular sites attracting tens and hundreds of thousands of visitors at peak times. The burgeoning popularity of poker (and the money you can earn) is attracting new players. With skill, many could become ‘pros’ and make a living playing poker.

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