Here’s a look at how to plan a major playground


The 메이저놀이터 program emphasizes a balance between group and solitary play, which helps children develop a strong sense of independence and figure out where they fit in. It also helps develop important life skills, such as creativity and the willingness to take risks. In addition, it teaches children how to play with others.


Playground safety has become a cultural issue in the late 1970s, spurred by the lawsuit of a Chicago boy named Frank Nelson. After falling from the top of a 12-foot slide in the city’s playground, Frank suffered brain damage, speech and vision problems, and partial paralysis. These injuries led to a nationwide campaign to ensure that playgrounds were safe for children.

The debate over playground safety has led to numerous lawsuits. While most playgrounds today are designed to be safe, some have a higher level of risk than others. For instance, some playgrounds allow children to build fires, and some allow them to play without adult supervision.


A major playground should be accessible for children with disabilities. The playground should have different components that encourage different levels of inclusive play. The inclusion of parents with disabilities is also important. Those parents should be able to spend time with their kids in an inclusive playground. It should also be accessible to grandparents and older adults. Inclusive play spaces bring families and friends together.

Inclusive playgrounds are a growing trend and a major social shift. They’re designed to accommodate more users and create a more welcoming environment. Inclusive playgrounds are more interactive, make play more inclusive, and encourage appreciation of diversity.


When planning a major playground project, consider the many costs associated with preparing the site and the equipment. This includes landscaping and grading, additional drainage work, demolition costs, and soil and refuses disposal. Playgrounds must be installed at no more than a 2% grade, so it is important to prepare the site properly before installing equipment. Additional landscaping may also be required after the installation of the  메이저놀이터  equipment.

Playground surfacing costs are also another factor to consider. The initial cost for playground surfacing depends on the square footage of the playground and the type of surfacing. Poured Place Rubber (PIR) surfacing has a higher initial cost but has lower long-term costs. In contrast, engineered wood fiber surfacing is more expensive but retains its aesthetic appeal for many years.


When choosing a location for your Major Playground, there are a few factors that you should consider. First, location is important for the safety of your kids. You should also consider the cost since major playgrounds are a huge investment. After all, your children will use the play area for years to come, so you want to be sure it will be in a safe place.

Another factor is accessibility. You should select a location that is close to your target market. For instance, if you’re going to have a playground for children who attend local schools, consider how accessible it is to students. Also, consider the age group of the target market, and whether the area is safe for kids.


Certification for Major Playground Safety Inspectors provides individuals with a valuable skill set in assessing and managing playground safety and maintenance. The certification process is rigorous and requires a thorough study of the relevant materials. It also includes a mandatory three-day course and site visits. If you are looking to become a certified playground safety inspector, this program is the way to go.

NPSI provides a comprehensive and intensive course that combines classroom lectures, online learning courses, and computer-based exams. It teaches the proper application of ASTM standards and the CPSC handbook, as well as the process of playground safety inspection and maintenance. In addition to the coursework, students must complete a two-hour written exam to earn the certification.

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