Implant Restoration: How Long Gum Takes to Heal


The success of dental implant surgery depends on how fast it heals down completely. However, it may sound simple yet a number of aspects are there to consider. Understand that recovery from this kind of dental work consumes some time. Continue reading this blog if you want to know about recovery post implant restoration in details.

Healing post pre-implant restoration process

Many patients deem for additional procedures for preparing the jawbone and gums for implant. Tooth extraction and bone grafting are some of them. When patients have damaged or severely decayed tooth, tooth extraction becomes pertinent.

Any dead tooth needs extraction at the same time for providing space to implant. Moreover, you must keep an eye on the extraction site for the prevention of delayed recovery. You can speed up recovery by keeping clot of blood intact.  

Bone grafting comprises of inputting healthy bone tissues to the site of implant. Usually, dentists make use of bone tissue from synthetic or animal source. Sometimes they use it from other body parts of the patient as well. One needs it if there is lack of jawbone density to support the implant in the long run.

Recovery of this process is directly proportional to health condition of the patients. On an average it takes only 2-3 weeks to heal up completely. Bone graft will fuse to the existing jawbone prior to dental implant.

Healing post implant restoration

Osseointegration is vital for dental implant process. It occurs after titanium rods are being placed into the jawbone sockets. This is about full fusion of the jawbone with rods to that of surrounding gum tissue. It only lasts for 4-6 months and healing can consume more or less time depending on the overall health of the patients.

Dentist will cut off the tissue of gums on the top of implant to promote abutment attachment. The gum will suture around abutment. It will remain on the top of gumline during the whole period of implant restoration recovery. Within 2-3 week the mouth will heal completely and dentist can place tailor-made crowns for snugly fitting into your mouth. 

Aspects interfere implant restoration healing

Implant restoration recovery of the gums actually relies on numerous aspects. Number of teeth placed or pulled out is amongst one of them. After the placement of implants every site of extraction should close and offer much-needed healing time.

Remember, this has to happen before the dentist places the titanium rods. Recovery post bone grafting has a crucial role in total recovery time after restoration of the implant. This will ensure proper infusion of titanium into the jawbone.  

Due to lifestyle choices, certain diets and poor habits many patients complicate or lengthen the recovery. Consumption of alcohol and smoking linger healing post implant restoration. This is so; because alcohol and tobacco impair blood circulation and oxygenation. As a result, the incision sites lack from nutrients and oxygenated blood essential for cell growth and tissue repair.

Recovery after implant restoration relies on ability of overall being

Basically, dentist suggests dental implant for overall improvement of dental health. However, the recovery time somehow also depends on the ability of the body and it differs from a person to another. Even more pre-implant surgeries can result in delayed recovery. By undergoing dental appointment, the dentist can understand the number of pre-implant processes need by a patient. Accordingly, total recovery time is easy to estimate and calculate.

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