Lidl has removed slot games from finnish stores: will more follow?


The well-known German grocery retailer 안전놀이터 has made public their intention to do away with slot machines completely across all of their locations in Finland. By taking this action, the company established a precedent in Finland by becoming the first statewide retail chain to prohibit the use of slot machines within its premises.

What Exactly Are These Slot Games?

In land-based casinos all around the world, slot machines have been hugely popular for a very long time. The gameplay is rather simple, and at its most fundamental level, it consists of players placing a bet and spinning a set of reels.

However, despite the fact that they now incorporate a variety of minigames and other elements, slot machines are still mostly dependent on players’ luck. A large number of different themes and game mechanics can be found at the best online casinos, which may be one reason why online video slot games have seen a recent increase in popularity.

What are the Restrictions on Gambling in Finland?

In Finland, one cannot acquire a license to operate a gambling establishment. Instead, Veikkaus, a company controlled by the state, is solely in charge of and accountable for the provision of gambling services throughout the nation. This is true for the entirety of Finland’s mainland, but it does not apply to overseas autonomous areas such as the Aland Islands.

Why Would Lidl Do Something Like This?

Veikkaus is the name of the state-run gaming operation in Finland. They are the owners and operators of the slot machines at issue, and they have decided to remove them from all Lidl locations. The removal is slated to take place throughout the course of the summer, and there will be around 250 machines put out of service as a result.

Nicholas Pennanen, the CEO of 안전놀이터 Lidl Finland, is eager to demonstrate that Lidl is a responsible company and thinks that this action is a step in the right direction toward achieving that goal. Pennanen noted that the corporation will demonstrate its responsibility via actions rather than words, and she emphasized the importance of this point. Lidl has high hopes that other businesses would follow the path that this choice has paved.

The members of Lidl’s board of directors are fully aware of the revenue drop that will result from the elimination of slot machines. The agreement that was struck with Veikkaus was worth millions of dollars on an annual basis, and the business had made a profit from it.

Does This Establish a New Standard?

Lidl is enthusiastic about the prospect of more retailers following in their footsteps. The grocery store chain made it abundantly plain that the sole motivation behind their attitude is to be responsible for their actions, and nothing else. This is evident from the fact that they are willing to tolerate a decrease in revenue.

It remains to be seen whether or not other retailers will follow suit. Casinos are quite unlikely to make any modifications to their operations given that gaming is central to their business models. Lidl has taken the position that gambling can be reckless, and while this is true. It’s not necessarily the case that gaming will lead to irresponsibility.

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