Major site TOTO’s Multi-Strike Super Times Pay Video Poker


Same as bonus poker, with an extra-star ace. A five-ace hand pays more than a royal flush. You can bet extra coins on regular video poker games and win random multipliers. The bet amount is doubled. Instead, 1 of 6 hands is awarded a multiplier. The roll of the dice determines the odds.

The bet amount is doubled. The payout is only half of your bet. Instead, you get a multiplier on the hand that pays out. Only one joker is a wild card in this game. The deck has 53 cards, including standard cards and jokers. 메이저사이트 ths game is similar to an arcade game, with levels that increase as you progress. The game has 4 levels, and the payout increases according to the level reached.

This game has multiple levels and random multipliersextra coins per hand. Instead, you can look at the first card dealt after the draw and decide which ones to discard.

Pick apart poker

You can see the first two cards in your hand. Choose from a pile of 3 cards to complete your hand. You can see the top card of each of your three hands. This game is almost the same as “Jacks or Better,” but it can be said that it is the original 메이저사이트 video poker game. This game is also commonly called “Pikem Poker.”

powerhouse car

You can get bonus hands from 3 to 27 in this game.

Quick quad poker

You can bet 2 extra coins per hand. In this case, you can add 2 cards to complete 4 types. For example, if 9 is 3, 7 is 1, and 2 is 1, you can add 7 and 2 to complete 4 types.

Rack em up, poker

You can play 25, 50 or 100 hands simultaneously and get bonus points on every hand.

Random reward poker

You can place extra coins in your bet and get bonuses on certain hands in return.

Royal ace bonus

Four aces offer a higher-than-normal payout (800 to 1).

Royal hunt poker

In triple-play games, placing additional bets allows you to win a bonus hand.

Spin fever poker

The next bonus will be multiplied if you align the number of flushes or more. The bounty wheel presents bonuses to multiple players at once.

5 and 3-row poker. The kept cards are stored in all three rows.

Split card poker

Double the bet amount and two cards occupy one position in return, gaining a hand and making winning cards easier.

Stack em bonus poker

You can play up to 10 hands with 5 cards vertically and 5 cards horizontally.

Super ace bonus video poker

A version of Bonus Poker where you can win big with 4 Aces. With a payback percentage of 99.94% when played with the best strategy, it is one of the best games in the casino.

Super double bonus spoke

Another variation of Bona Spoker with 4 Aces and 4 Face Cs for high payouts.

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