Making the playground a safe place to play


A  안전놀이터 is an important part of providing quality daycare for children. Providing a safe playground is an ongoing process, and a parent’s role in this process is to supervise daily to ensure the playground is safe and free of safety hazards. This article will discuss several ways to ensure a safe playground for children.


If you supervise a playground, you must ensure that it’s safe for kids to play in. There are several ways to make sure that your playground is safe for children, and one of the most important is to provide supervision to as many people as possible. One good way to provide adequate supervision is to rotate staff throughout the play structure. This way, staff members can be sure that they’re covering all areas of the playground and that they’re not just sitting around.

Whenever possible, designate certain times for different age groups. Also, consider whether the children in your playground have special needs. If so, they may require more supervision. It’s important to monitor how long each child is in each structure. If a child seems to be spending more time in one area of the playground than another, remind them to move through the structure so that they don’t become stuck there.

Age-appropriate equipment

Age-appropriate playground equipment is essential for a safe play space. It allows kids to enjoy themselves while fostering cognitive and social development. Age-appropriate equipment is also appropriate for different heights of children. The equipment should have different heights for pre-toddlers, toddlers, and school-aged kids.

While all playground equipment should be age-appropriate, it is especially important to consider the physical development of children. Young children are not yet as mobile or as strong as older children, so equipment should be low to the ground and have attached handles and soft surfaces. Likewise, playground equipment should not contain horizontal ladders or climbing walls.

In addition, 안전놀이터 surfaces should be at least six feet deep. The surfacing should also extend 6 feet around stationary play equipment, including swings. The surfacing around swings should be twice as high as the suspending bar. In addition, playground structures over thirty inches tall should be at least nine feet apart. In addition, play structures should be inspected to make sure that they do not have dangerous hardware.

Safety surfaces

Playground surfacing is an important part of a playground. The purpose of playground surfacing is to absorb impact and cushion falls. The surfacing can be poured in place, bonded, or made of rubber tiles. It can be installed over a variety of existing surfaces, including grass, concrete, and tree roots. Depending on the site, it can be modified to meet specific requirements.

The American Society for Testing and Materials has developed and published several standards for playground surfaces. One such standard is the F1292, which was first published in 1999 to reduce the number of serious injuries and deaths associated with playground accidents. The F1292 specifies requirements for impact attenuation performance in playgrounds. It also provides a test method for installing these surfaces.

Shock absorption

When it comes to creating a safe playground, shock absorption is crucial. In addition to the material’s physical properties, a playground surface must be installed properly and meet the CPSC guidelines. Different types of surfacing can be categorized by their shock-absorbing ability and CFH or Critical Fall Height.

Shock-absorbing playground materials are typically placed deeper in the ground than non-shock-absorbing materials. The purpose of this deep shock absorption is to reduce the likelihood of an injury. However, it is important to note that drainage can disrupt the shock-absorbing properties of some surfaces.

Moreover, multiple-occupant playground equipment should have individual seating for each child, and there should be adequate space around the equipment to prevent injuries. Similarly, the size and weight difference between children can pose a danger to them. If these features are not available, substitute them with alternatives made from a safe material.

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