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This pick-and-click game is part of the bonus round. This indicates that you will have the opportunity to click on symbols to reveal the prizes. You are allowed to continue playing up until the point where you encounter the stop symbol. No matter how many bonus symbols you had on the reels, you will always play the same bonus game when you play 토토사이트 the Blood Suckers slot machine at the casino. However, you will receive an additional incentive if you get more than three symbols.

If you get four bonus symbols, you can activate the bonus game, and any winnings you get from the bonus game will be multiplied by two. Your winnings will be multiplied by three if you begin the game with five bonus symbols.

The chances of winning

The chances of winning are extremely exciting thanks to both of these features.The Blood Suckers 2 online slot machine also has bonus features that can be accessed anytime during the base game. These bonus features are triggered at random.

When the scattershot feature is triggered, Amilia will 토토사이트 send her arrows flying through the reels using her bow and arrows. One more scatter symbol will be generated from one of the symbols.


Additionally, each of the high-paying symbols on the reels will be contacted by Amilia’s arrow. They will all provide a random prize that ranges from 10x to 100x the level of your bet.

During the scattershot feature, you can earn payouts even when the symbols are not on a pay line. When Amilia shoots her bow, another symbol in the game is chosen randomly and transformed into a bonus symbol by the bonus shot feature.

When you are one symbol away from activating a bonus feature, the likelihood of either of these features occurring increases significantly, on the other hand, they might be activated at any time.

RTP, in addition to Volatility

You will notice that you win quite frequently while participating in the online slot game Blood Suckers 2.

We played several hundred spins to write this review of the Blood Suckers 2 slot machine. A prize was available on roughly two out of every three spins on the machine.

On the other hand, the “big win” animation was only triggered by a small percentage of those wins. It was typically only twenty coins or less, so it could have been more exciting.

This is because Blood Suckers 2 is a slot game with low Volatility. Because you will win so frequently, even if each win is only a few dollars, you can anticipate that your bankroll will last for a considerable amount of time.

The percentage of money returned to players, also known as RTP, is almost 97%. The RTP is quite high, which is not unexpected, given the nature of the game. It is common knowledge that NetEnt games have a high RTP.

It is important to keep in mind that the RTP is calculated based on thousands of made-up spins. Therefore, there is no assurance that you will succeed in winning 97% of the money that you wager. However, this does indicate that your chances of success throughout a longer period are quite good.

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