The TOTO Game Is A  Game Provided By Major Site TOTO


“Account Betting System” means any electronic communication system or method used by us to provide TOTO games or for an account holder to participate in TOTO games, including, but not limited to, electronic or other technologies of Internet, telephone, tele 메이저사이트 vision, radio or other types that facilitate communication following the account opening and operating conditions that we revise from time to time.


  • “Authorized Retailer” means any retailer we have approved in writing to support our operations or any employee we have hired or appointed to sell participation or bets in TOTO 메이저사이트 games or other games.
  • “Bet” means any bet made by a Participant against the Company recorded by the Company’s Lot Bet Engine (“LB Engine”) (made through an outlet or account betting system).
  • “Bet Slip” means a slip we issue on an outlet or betting website and use to enter the details of the bet participants make in the TOTO game.
  • “Betting Website” means the website at site and all associated web pages or any other website or web pages we use from time to time to provide our products and services.
  • “Claimant” means, as the case may be, the person who claims the prize under these Rules.
  • “Dollar” and “Cent” mean the legal tender of the Republic of Singapore.
  • “Entry” means both “Normal Entry” and “System Entry.”
  • “Jackpot Prize” means the Group 1 Prize as outlined in Rule 7.2, and we shall refer to it in publications, notices, announcements, advertisements and publicity materials, also referred to as “Group 1 Prize,” “Jackpot Amount,” or “Jackpot.”
  • “Normal Entry” means an entry to a TOTO game, excluding system entries.
  • “Retail Store” means any retail store operated by a branch or designated retail store operated by the Company and can purchase tickets.
  • “Participant” means a person who participates in the TOTO Games following these TOTO Game Terms (General), including the account holder and the person who purchased the ticket at the outlet.
  • “Prize” means the amount of money the Company shall pay the Participant for the winning ticket following Article 7 of this TOTO Game Agreement (General).
  • “Registered Office” means our registered office located at 210 Middle Road, #01-01 Singapore Pools Building, Singapore 188994.
  • “Associated Drawing” means a drawing that you have chosen to participate in the TOTO Game or that you have been assigned to at the time of the bet at our sole discretion.
  • “Remote Betting” means betting on a TOTO game using the account betting system.
  • “Wagering” means the amount of money offered and received by the Company in cash by the Participant in respect of the Participant’s bet through the Store or Account Betting System.
  • “System Entry” means participating in a TOTO game following the provisions outlined in rule 5.
  • “Terminal” means a ticket-issuing machine owned by the Company and used and operated by the Company or authorized dealers for the issuance and certification of tickets for TOTO games.
  • “Ticket” means a print-out issued to you by a terminal or an electronic notification sent to you in the “Transaction History” section of your account holder’s “My Account” page that contains details of any bets made to us and received by us in connection with the TOTO Game.

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