What you need to know about designing a safe playground


A playground can be a fun and safe place to play with children. However, it is important to follow some safety guidelines to keep your children 안전놀이터. These include: not falling, protecting joints from pressure and dehydration, and making sure the playground is made of soft materials such as wood, rubber, or even plastic. In addition, the guardrails should be in good condition and secure. Keeping an eye on your child is also a good idea.

Preventing dehydration

Dehydration is an extremely common and easily preventable medical condition. It can result in loss of brain function, confusion, weakness, organ failure, and even death. There are many factors involved in dehydration, so it’s important to be aware of the symptoms and how to prevent them. First and foremost, outdoor leaders need to educate their group about the dangers of dehydration, and they should also set an example by drinking enough water themselves.

Preventing dehydration is also important for older adults, as their fluid reserves are lessened as they age. Also, infants cannot tell when they’re thirsty, and so may be dehydrated. Additionally, people with certain illnesses are more susceptible to dehydration, including chronic conditions. Some of these illnesses may cause frequent diarrhea, which can cause dehydration. And, certain medications, such as diuretics, can also increase dehydration.

Avoiding sharp edges

When designing a safe playground, it is important to keep sharp edges and hardware out of reach for children. This means checking playground equipment regularly for sharp points, edges, and corners. You also need to make sure the equipment is age-appropriate. Sharp edges or sharp corners are very dangerous, and they can easily trap a child’s head or neck.

Children are likely to get hurt on a playground, but there are many ways to prevent injuries. Parents can teach their kids how to use the equipment and avoid dangerous areas. They 안전놀이터can also hold on tightly to the equipment, go down the slide’s feet first, wear protective clothing, and stay hydrated. The Injury Prevention Center at Rhode Island Hospital has been working to reduce injuries in kids for over 20 years.

Protecting children from entrapment

Entrapment hazards pose a serious risk for children and may result in strangulation or death. Those hazards can occur when children climb and enter openings that may not be safe for their heads. Recent head entrapment incidents have been associated with the increased use of bicycle helmets for children, so it is important to provide playground equipment with a proper fit for head and feet.

Entrapment injuries can occur from open “S” hooks, protrusions, or other parts of playground equipment. These entrapments can be fatal, especially to young children. In addition, clothing drawstrings and cords can become caught in playground equipment.

Maintaining a safe playground

The number one key to maintaining a safe playground is adequate supervision. Active supervision involves observing children and paying attention to their behavior. Often, this is the responsibility of teachers, teaching assistants, program coordinators, or volunteers. Such people should be trained in playground safety. Good supervision also involves the proper ratio of adults to children. The proper ratio will vary depending on the age and physical ability of the children. It can also depend on environmental conditions.

Another critical safety measure is proper playground design. The design of a playground should take into account the age groups of children. For example, toddlers should not be allowed to play on equipment for older children, or near low-level equipment. In addition, older children should be separated from playground equipment that moves.

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