How to get WhatsApp Business API?


Do you want to effectively get connected with your customers using WhatsApp? And still searching for ways to get WhatsApp API? Then here you have ways to avail the best WhatsApp business API India. But before intending to install a WhatsApp API, it is important to know what WhatsApp API is? And what are the ways to get the best WhatsApp Business API? For all your real WhatsApp API, You will find step-by-step guidelines on this page. You can easily manage your Whatsapp API, starting from signing up to connecting it with your available WhatsApp CRM.

What is WhatsApp API?

WhatsApp API is mainly designed for all business streams from small to large companies looking for ways to promote effective usage of WhatsApp. Such companies can benefit from effective and different working with WhatsApp Business App in many ways. A WhatsApp API can easily fit your existing CRM that benefits you with technical and software support.  

How to Get a WhatsApp API Account?

Here comes the point of clarification: How can you apply for the best WhatsApp Business API? You can easily apply a WhatsApp API account with the involvement of four simple steps:

  • avail or Port a phone number for your company
  • endure WhatsApp Commerce Policy and Display Name check
  • Verify other social media Business accounts and Numbers, and allow messaging permissions
  • Finally, Generate the API Key to connect WhatsApp API to your business software

Buying or Porting a Phone Number

Within your business solution might demand you to buy a number. When you choose the best WhatsApp API, they will port your Number. You can activate WhatsApp API when the Number you Port can receive calls or SMS. And fix that particular Number for your WhatsApp business API and ensure that it is not used for another WhatsApp Business API account.

Processing WhatsApp Commerce Policy and Display Name

When you apply for commercial WhatsApp, it will receive an application from you to ensure that your application meets its Commerce Policy. And after this application process, WhatsApp will process and approve your Display Name. It is always suggested to set up your display name that matches your legal business name to ensure customers quickly identify your brand.

Verifying social Business site and Number

If you perform your customer conversation with various social media pages, it is necessary to involve WhatsApp API as part of the application process. You must complete the Business Verification process in your social media Business Messaging application. To process this easily by providing certain required documents. This process usually takes a few working days to complete. If you process this quickly, you commit with the best business solution provider to install WhatsApp Business API.

Generating an API Key

After completing your verification process, you will obtain a WhatsApp API account. After this, you can easily generate your WhatsApp API account key. This key has to be connected to the business software. When you choose the best business software solution, they will merge the feature of WhatsApp API with your existing software so that you can retain your business contact. For better performance with the WhatsApp API, you can plan to take benefit of the front-end interface by integrating it into a third-party WhatsApp CRM.

This is the entire basic concept for how to get a WhatsApp API account? After this, you can proceed with applying for WhatsApp API through the best WhatsApp API service. They will activate your verification process and provide you with instant access to WhatsApp API.

Steps to activate WhatsApp Business API Account on CRM

To get your business WhatsApp API account, create a software account of your service provider. After creating your account, you can initiate buying a phone number.

  1. At your account, you have to navigate to Dashboard. You can have an option with a trial Number to create a Whatsapp API Phone Number.

After this step, you will be provided with a WhatsApp number of your region.

  1. You can Click and Choose your convenient Number available with the service provider.
  2. After this, continue with programmable access to SMS, WhatsApp, and various other messaging needs. Once you access all permission and Sign Up with WhatsApp API, you will Receive Updates.
  3. After singing, you will be provided with a form where you have to fill your Account String Identifier (SID), Business Manager ID, and other requested details
  4. After the approval, you can create a WhatsApp Sender profile. Here you go with activation

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