How to Maintain a Safe Playground


Keeping a safe playground is vital. It requires constant monitoring. This will give you peace of mind and enable you to react promptly if an incident arises. A safe playground requires good judgment. Listed below are a few important considerations when maintaining a 안전놀이터. You can also consult with a local safety expert for more information.


Inspection of safety playgrounds is important to ensure the safety of children using the area. Several factors should be considered, including the age of play equipment, local climate, and vandalism. The frequency of inspection should be quarterly or less frequently depending on the use and age of children using the space. The inspector should also check for structural issues.

The most common cause of death in playgrounds is faulty equipment. Some playgrounds may have inadequate anchors or loose hardware. Injuries and accidents caused by playground equipment can be prevented by thorough inspections and detailed audits.

Inspection logs

The use of inspection logs is an essential safety measure in playgrounds. These checklists should be completed as often as possible, even if the equipment is not being used. This is especially important during the night when vandals can cause damage. Using an inspection log helps you keep track of any repairs.

The frequency of inspections will depend on the playground’s use and the age of its equipment. The inspections should be conducted by a qualified licensed professional. It is important to perform a thorough check of playground equipment, paying close attention to chains and moving parts. Ideally, these inspections should be performed at least quarterly.


Guardrails protect against falls and injuries and make playtime more enjoyable for your children in 안전놀이터. They can also help children keep their distance from strangers. Guardrails come in several different styles, including Palisade, Meshed Panel, and Bow Top Railing. The type of guardrail that will best serve your needs depends on the age of your children and the equipment in your playground.

The best playgrounds are equipped with guardrails to help keep kids from falling. These are typically built into platforms, which have slats spaced close enough to keep young children from falling through. In addition, slides should have openings high enough to prevent kids from getting stuck. Similarly, climbing walls and stairs should have sturdy handrails. The handrails and bars should be made of a non-toxic material that won’t warp or rust. They should also be smooth to avoid ice buildup.

Falling on outstretched hands

The most common injury in a playground is a child’s arm fracture. This injury may be preventable by reducing the risk factors associated with it. A new study in the Journal of Injury Prevention provides important information on the risk factors for arm fractures and falls on playground equipment.

Injuries caused by falling on outstretched hands are common, especially for young children. However, they can be prevented with proper playground design and up-to-date equipment. Playground checklists can be a great way to make sure that your playground is safe for children.

Sharp edges

It is important to check a safe playground for sharp edges. These edges can become a hazard over time. They may not be noticeable to children, but they can cause injuries. A safety playground should have edges that are at least three inches from the ground. This way, children cannot catch their clothing in the equipment and suffer serious injuries.

A safety playground should also have fall zones. These zones should be at least six feet wide and should have a protective covering. Sharp edges should be removed and replaced with rounded corners. The playground should have safety rules and adequate adult supervision.

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